Why a blog and why now?

For quite some time now I’ve been intending to start sending out a newsletter. Mostly to keep in touch with family and friends but also as a writing discipline.

My newsletter idea turned into a blog instead as I started moving towards my goal of self publishing a children’s story this year. I realised I needed a way for local people to find me and order my book. Overseas people will be able to order on Amazon.

I have so many goals and think it will help to track my progress here; my experiences may help other people achieve their goals and I know being accountable in sharing both my triumphs and slip-ups publicly will motivate me to keep moving forwards even after setbacks.

So, what are my goals?

Swimming, health, creative writing and exploring Cape Town.

Let me start with swimming…

My long term swimming goal is to swim from Robben Island to Blaauwberg Beach in two years time.

My immediate goal is to attend training twice a week (every week) and in the new swimming season to take part in galas (scary thought) and do more open water swims. I really enjoyed swimming in the Cape Mile open water swim earlier this year. I also need to acclimatise my body to swimming in cold water.

I chuckle when I think of my first swimming class 9 months ago. I’d done next to no exercise for years and then began trying various things – none of which worked well for me: I joined the gym but was too lazy to go much; I joined Run Walk For Life but didn’t attend regularly enough to progress from walking around the field to leaving the premises for a jog around the neighbourhood. So I decided to try swimming because I’m a strong swimmer and I love being in the water.

The first session was great, I kept up with the class a lot better than I’d expected but when the session ended I realised there were no steps out of the pool. My arms were so shaky that when IĀ attempted to push myself up on them I failed miserably and had to crawl out on my hands and knees! So now, whenever I feel like I’m not making progress I remind myself that I could hardly get myself out of the pool that first time; I have come a long way.

More about my goals next time…

What are your goals?

4 thoughts on “Why a blog and why now?

  1. Absolutely love this blog. Makes me want to get off my butt and start achieving. Keep it up. Trace xx

  2. Such a nice length, also vulnerable and engaging. I love all the sharing we do and look for all the best to emerge from this commitment to the unknown world out there. Go, girl, go!

  3. You keep them coming – reading your regular blog is like a breath of fresh air. And after reading this blog….I can see why writing is a passion of yours. Good one, Heather. Xx

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