But for how long…?

My second goal is health…

I’ve had many reminders in the last 18 months of our power to directly influence our quality of life both now, and as we get older, just by the everyday choices we make. Eating healthily, sleeping enough, exercising regularly and making time to relax have become huge priorities for me in working towards a fitter, stronger, healthier body and mind by making wiser choices every day.

I struggle with many of these things; I have a rampant sweet tooth, an unhealthily close relationship with Red Bull and a hundred “valid” reasons why I can’t get to my swimming class on a particular Wednesday or Friday morning.

It’s amazing how many justifications my brain comes up with in seconds for any decision I’m considering. I’m looking for creative ways to motivate myself positively instead of justifying staying in my warm bed or buying chocolate and Red Bull just one more time before I give them up tomorrow…again!

I told my son – James – the other day that I was going to start “clean eating” again.

“Oh, for how long?” he joked.

Which encapsulates my journey so far!

How have you successfully built┬áhealthy habits? I’d love to hear from you.