Progress not perfection…

After getting off to a good start with my blog two months ago I suddenly got stuck; I couldn’t think of a single interesting thing to write about. Also, writing publicly about my goals meant I had to take them seriously and this sparked a last minute panic. I immediately went on “one last” massive Red Bull and chocolate binge.

At the same time James had an unexpected knee operation which meant I had to drive him to work in the mornings and couldn’t attend swimming for several weeks. I have to admit that once he was driving again it took me another week to motivate myself to get up in the cold and dark and go back to class.

These setbacks made me feel even more reluctant to write another blog post so I decided to wait until I had some positive progress to report.

The first area I’ve made progress in is swimming; I took part in my first gala yesterday. I’d initially planned just to go along and watch but later allowed myself to be persuaded to enter one event – the 50m freestyle. Fortunately it was the last race so I was able to watch the other races and get an idea of how everything worked beforehand.

I was really anxious at the thought of making myself so conspicuous; partly because of an inter schools track event I took part in in High School. I was running the 200m and using starting blocks for the first time. I was terribly nervous and wasn’t sure of the right position to be in at “on your marks” and “get set”.

The race official said “on your marks” and I was in the wrong position, he said it again but I was so nervous I still didn’t get it right so eventually he asked (over the loudspeaker) “Does she speak English or Afrikaans?”. I was so mortified that to this day I have absolutely no recollection of the race itself. I only know I didn’t come last because I would have remembered that!

Another are of progress is on the health front – a friend and I recently decided to follow the Banting eating plan. We’re now at the beginning of our fourth week and it’s going really well! Being accountable to someone makes such a big difference to my level of commitment because I don’t want to let her down. I’m feeling amazing – I have more energy and am loving being in control of my eating habits for the first time in ages.

As for my book…

The illustrations for the Choo Choo Park are coming along fabulously; Celeste is almost finished now and I can’t wait to see the finished product! Click on the Choo Choo Park tab for a sneak peak.

That’s it for now…

4 thoughts on “Progress not perfection…

  1. Go Heather! Progress is perfection at work and I can’t wait to see the perfect ending that is to come. Don’t give up and believe in yourself. God guides your mind, your body and your spirit for many blessings that’s coming your way.

  2. So proud of you my friend. In a race of all things how fabulous next time will be much better . II know why you so special to me putting everyone before yourself you deserve a medal love you always xxxx

  3. Once again, really good blog, Heather. Makes me realise that we are all human and I’m not the only lazy, procrastinating individual. Your Banting buddy sounds cool…..Ha ha ha. Keep up the blogs.

    1. This is impressive but I am not feeling ‘bad’ about myself because you are such a REAL PERSON – and more and more willing to let it be known out there …. and we are all in the same sorts of boats, and that is enormously reassuring when you feel kind of lonely or struggling.

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