To swim or not to swim…

I’m sitting writing this in my childhood bedroom on the top floor of my parents’ double-storey house. The big sliding windows are open as far as they can go and the breeze is pleasantly cool on this very hot day. I love coming here for “mini writing retreats” whenever I can squeeze in the time. The house is quiet and there’s something so comforting about the sameness of the furnishings and of my parents’ routines carrying on in the background.

This photo is of me and my fabulous new gym buddy who has been an absolute lifesaver. About a month ago I decided – after much agonising – to give notice to my swimming coach as I just was not managing to get myself to go. Not going made me feel really bad about myself so instead of beating myself up about not going I decided I’d rather stop attending that class.

A friend and I had been intending to swim at the gym together for ages but just hadn’t ever gotten round to making a concrete plan. Somehow it came together around that time and we have been meeting at the gym at least 4 times a week for the last 3 weeks! It’s working so well because I don’t have any argument in my head about whether to get up and go or not anymore; I know my friend is waiting for me so I just get up and go. I’m loving feeling so much better – physically (endorphins) and mentally (knowing that I’m getting fitter and stronger and feeling a sense of achievement for consistently going to exercise). We will be doing the Sanlam Cape Mile swim together in February and I’m definitely going to beat last year’s time!

Other exciting news this month is that my book has been printed. Three hundred shiny copies!! Most of the Thundafund orders have been delivered, including the 10 donated to Shine – they were delighted. The rest will be dropped off or posted tomorrow.

On Friday I read my book at an Educare Centre close to my home; kindly organised for me by a writing friend whose mom works there. I was quite anxious beforehand as I wasn’t sure what to expect or what would be expected of me. I was picturing trying to hold the attention of 86 two to five year olds at once! Fortunately the children were split into four separate groups that I read to in turn and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!

I was so forcibly reminded that interacting with children is my “happy space”. Those little faces gazing at me expectantly, reflecting their total absorption in the story. One little girl absentmindedly stroked my pink polished toenails while another confidingly told me how much she liked my clothes! 🙂 Lots of thank yous chanted in unison accompanied by several spontaneous hugs and it was over. Walking out to my car I felt as if the sparkling happiness I was feeling inside must surely be visible to passersby. I have two more school readings this coming week and I’ve switched from slight anxiety to excited anticipation!

So all in all a very constructive and exciting month, I’m looking forward to what December will bring!!



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  1. As always, a lovely bread. Give yourself pay, Heather, for your achievements – for what you have and are still going to do – week done. Proud of you, my friend.

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